Online Art Valuation

Online Art Valuation

How does it work?

Taxo Online Art Valuation App is free, also available in web version. It allows the free, quick and liable appraisal of works of art with all the warranties Taxo offers for all its products. This app has been developed both for Android and iOs.

The app will lead you step by step and will send the information to a professional surveyor. A professional valuation report will be sent to your mail in 24-48 hours.

What kind of goods can be valued?

This app is designed to appraise painting, sculpture, prints, watercolor, photography, decorative arts, furniture or any other artistic expression.

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What is it for?

It allows to know the real value of a work of art, what is the first step to make a good purchase or sale of an artistic object. In addition, it is useful in order to know the total value of a property or a heritage.

Why you should use Taxo Online Art Valuation

The Online Art Valuation app will provide you a valuation report in less than 48 hours performed by a professional surveyor specialised in art. This report will supply you the support of a document with all the warranties Taxo provides to all its products.


If having used the online application, you order an official valuation report, you will be discounted from the final bill the amount already payed for the first valuation.

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Video-tutorial about the online applicatión

*If you need a more extended art valuation and an official report, you can also order a custom art valuation.