Innovation as a mark of identity of Taxo

Since its origin, accordingly to its vocation for leadership, Taxo has supported Reasearch and Development. This tasks consist of the search for new solutions, tools and the definition of new methodologies within the valuation field. The optimum use of our know how, the continuous education of our employees and the collaboration with public institutions such as the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), have made possible the automatization and optimization of some procedures.

Thus, Taxo has developed several apps and tools of online implementation for the modernisation of its systems, as well as the development of several applications (art, companies, Talex, etc.)

talex-definitivo-09-05-12 Logo-Empresas6 Logo valore arte app Myriad1024x1024 TaxoPro grisSombra deluxe

A tool to automate expertises

Talex is an application for the management of judicial expert reports with the aim to modernise the Spanish judicial system.

Online Companies Valuation

Taxo has developped an online application which allows valuating companies quickly, easily and with professional rigor.

Online Art Valuation

An app to value any kind of art.

The internal Taxo application.

Taxo Pro eases the management of all the applications, budgets and valuation reports performed.

Taxo R & D

Innovation is an identity mark of Taxo:

  • At the forefront of the valuation sector.
  • Quality and excelence.
  • Rigor and profesionalism.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements of each project.
  • Continuous edutation for the development of human resources.
  • Integration and use of new technologies through the development of apps.
  • The positive psychology and the economic intelligence help in the improvement of the dinamic of our system every day.
  • Taxo has taken advance of its experience and know-how to perform more than 50.000 and participate in the process of modernisation of the Spanish Public Administration.
  • Collaboration with other companies and public institutions such as UPV.