Do you know the value of the machinery used in your business?

Equipment valuation is a key task at the time of calculating the real value of a company. In fact, when determining the value of a business it is required to include those assets with a high importance within the productive line of the company: machinery and equipment. This kind of assets have a high unit value, which requires the use of rigorous valuation techniques by experts.

What is it for?

The valuation reports performed by Taxo, as well as improving transparency within the commercial relationships, are a required document for a number of procedures:

  • Inventories or accounting reconciliations.
  • Mortgage warranty for credits or loans.
  • Regularization of property.
  • Pledges.
  • Postponement of debt for the Tax Agency.
  • Tax settlement.
  • Valuation of special facilities, such as oil rigs.

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