Startup valuation

What is the actual power of your startup?

Startup valuation is a complex task due to the special characteristics of new companies which make valuation works more demanding than in other situations for a number of reasons:

  • Absence of historical accounting information.
  • No operating income or loss.
  • Great dependence on private capital.
  • High failure rate.

These facts must be noticed prior to performing a valuation. For this reason, startup valuation requires economist and chartered surveyors with a wide experience able to:

  • Define the potential market of a product or service.
  • Estimate the market share.
  • Define investment capacity.
  • Estimate sold units and exploitation cost.

Taxo appraisers know the importance of intangible assets at the time of determining the real value of a business: know how, staff skills, innovation capacity, etc.

What is start up valuation for?

Valuation reports by Taxo are useful for a number of situations:

  • Advice on purchase and sale:“How much is my Start Up?”
  • Partners incorporation or exit: “How much are my shares?”
  • Mortgage warranty.
  • Advice on funding rounds..
  • Valuation of business ideas.
  • Advice on related party transactions.

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