A comprehensive report to show the real value

Jewelry valuation is a complex task that must be performed by skilled professionals. The variety of elements, such as the materials, the techniques used, the author and the state of conservation, must be considered at the survey.

Who is it for?

Jewelry valuation services by Taxo are offered both to individual owners and to businesses related to jewelry and precious objects which need a professional appraisal.

What is it for?

THe most common purposes for which valuation reports are useful are the following:

  • Valuation for insurance of pieces of jewelry.
  • Apportionment of property.
  • Inventories of jewelry for individuals, public institutions and private organisations.
  • Economical valuation of jewelry and precious objects.
  • Expertises for claims in case of damages, robbery or fraud.
  • Evolution of price fluctuations.
  • Advice on trading.

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