Related party transactions

A report justifying “normal market value”

Taxo aims to become a valuable ally for our customers before related party transactions. This operations can be performed between an organisation and its partners; between an entity and its relatives; or between entities that are members of a group. For all of them, many Tax Agencies stablish the requirement to have the support of a valuation report justifying the normal market value.

Taxo, company integrated within the Tinsa Group, holds a wide background in appraising and valuating all kind of assets. In addition, we are the leader company in issuance of judicial expert reports, what becomes a warranty of independence, professionalism and liability.

Thanks to our years of experience, Taxo is able to issue a report justificating the normal market value following the current laws stablished by the Tax Office. This can also become a way to strengthen the confidence and certify the transparency between all the entities, as well as guarantee the success of each project.

When is it appropriate?

These are the most common operations for which reports by Taxo can be useful:

  • Assignment of use of an intangible asset (brands, logos, etc.) (marcas, etc.) between societies.
  • Services providing between societies members of a same group.
  • Loans between societies or partners.
  • Warranties between partners and societies.

Who is it for?

  • Business of any sector (companies that carry out purchase and sale transactions or leasing with an entity or a person connected to the entity).
  • Business groups and holdings..

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