SMEs and freelancers

The support of a leader

More than 80% of the Spanish business park is composed by SMEs, mycro companies and freelances. All of them will have to face a situation in which they will need a methodical, comprehensive and official valuation report.

The valuation works provide especific knowledge on the business value and on its tangible and intangible assets. Due to the complexity of these works, they must be performed by an independent, professional, objective third party, able to resolve potential discrepancies.

Taxo is not only an idependent and objective third party; Taxo also provides the warranties of being a RICS member, what is an important added value in terms of confidence for all the parties.

What is it for?

A valuation report is required for some common procedures:

  • Apportionment of marital property.
  • Partners incorporation or exit.
  • Apportionment of inheritance.

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