Properties with Cultural Interest

Leaders in the appraisal of Properties with Cultural Interest.

Taxo is a leader company in the valuation of properties with cultural interest, such as churches, castles, monasteries, archeological sites amongst other examples. This kind of valuations use a special method due to the several factors that can influence the calculation of the real value of a BIC. Examples of Properties with Cultural Interest are:

  • Castles.
  • Temples such as churches and Cathedrals.
  • Monasteries.
  • Manor houses.
  • Palaces.

What is it for?

The valuation reports for Properties with Cultural Interest are useful for several purposes:

  • Inheritances.
  • Expropiations.
  • Advice in trading.
  • Tax payment.

Why is it useful?

At the time of performing an economical valuation of any kind of property, it is required an observation of some specific characteristics: location, market situation, etc. Thus, this also happens to the valuation of properties of cultural interest. However, they have some specific characteristics that must be also noticed, such as the architectural quality, the historical background, the artistic value, the uniqueness, the possible uses they can be given, etc.

From this perspective, the calculation of the value includes several variable elements, both quantitative and qualitative, in a market mainly motivated by the sparse and sporadic transactions.

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