Art Valuation

The best specialists in art valuation.

Art valuation is a complex task due to some elements such as the author’s characteristics, the singularity and the technical quality of each piece of art. In addition to the importance of beauty, works of appraisal of art must be able to determine the economic value derived from its uniqueness and exclusivity.

Taxo staff is composed by high skilled technicians specialised in the valuation of any kind of artistic expression: painting, sculpture, watercolor, drawing, photograhpy, printmarking, relics, antiques, etc.

What is it for?

Valuation reports performed by Taxo are useful for a number of situations:

  • At the time of valuating pieces of art, batches or colections.
  • In expertises for claims in situations of robberies, fraud or damages.
  • In apportionments of inheritance.
  • Advice in trading.
  • For the management of inventories of art for individuals, public institutions and private corporations.
  • Accounting reconciliations.
  • Art cataloguing.
  • Tax payment.

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