Aeronautical assets

Leader in aeronautical assets valuation

Aircraft and aeronautical assets valuation must be a rigorous, demanding task only available for the most prestigious professionals. Taxo staff is formed by experts with a deep knowledge on the different kinds of aircrafts and aeronautical assets within the world market. Appraisers net from Taxo owns the expertise, the knowledge, the technical resources and the required coverage to provide the maximum quality and rigor in all our valuation reports.

Reliability and guarantees

One of the guiding principles for all the Taxo activity is to provide the maximum warranty to our clients in all our works. For this reason, Taxo holds the backing of a liability insurance for all its activities, which guarantees a total reliability to our customers.

Furthermore, Taxo is accredited by the main international organizations. Thus, all Taxo reports have full guarantee of efectiveness in every process and for all the parts.

What is it for?

Taxo valuation reports allow the most accurate calculation of the value of any kind of aircraft, testing bench and flight simulator. The most commonly demanded purposes are the following:

  • Renting or leasing.
  • Advice on trading.
  • Lease-back.

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