Frequently Asked Questions

What is a valuation report for?

Valuating a good is useful for the achievement of a specific purpose, such as getting advice in trading, increasing internal control in a company, applicating for loans or credits, etc. In these and other situations, it is required to know with detail and rigour the real value of a good for a better knowledge of its rendiment, what will also ease a correct decision making in the future.

Are these reports reliable and rigorous?

All the reports performed by Taxo are supervised by the Quality Control Department. The technicians who compose the Taxo team follow the most strict international standards from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the International Valuation Standards Comitee (IVSC) and the Spanish Association for Value Analysis (AEV).

Can I get financing thanks to a valuation report?

At first, yes, although the financial entity chosen by the society administrators must confirm the acceptance of the project. In general, this decission is made by the entity having in mind its risks policy. Nonetheless, each society has specific situations and needs that must be observed by the selected credit entity in order to make sure the utility of the report. Taxo, as a member of the Tinsa Group, has collaborating agreements with the main financial entities in Spain.

Are the result of the valaution and the supplied information confidential?

Yes. Both the result of the valuation works and the information you provide us are confidential. As surveyors, we must follow the highest standards for profesional secret.