Business valuation

company valuation

Do you know the actual value of your business?

Valuating a company or a business allows the economic quantification of the impact of the different management decissions in the creation, transference and transformation of value.

The goal of a company valuation is to obtain an intrinsic value using a comprehensive methodology, accompanied by a thorough analysis of the economical and financial aspects and the environment in which the company operates. Depending on the specific characteristics of the business and client needs, the methodology may vary in order to maximize the accuracy.

Who is business valuation for?

Valuation reports for companies are useful for a high number of operations related to any kind of business:

  • Companies with cash flow.
  • Service providers.
  • SMEs and startups.
  • Self-employed.
  • Investment funds and goodwills.

What is it for?

Having an official, independent, rigorous valuation report often becomes a legal requirement for the validity of an operation:

  • Advice in trading: how much is my company?
  • Partners incorporation or exit: how much are my shares?
  • Mortgage warraty or pledging of shares.
  • Application for administrative concessions.
  • Valuation of activity licences and goodwills (pharmacies, kiosks, taxis, etcetera.)
  • Valuation of brands, patents and intangible assets.
  • Valuation of Startups, business ideas, etcetera.
  • Valuation of SMEs and self-employed persons..
  • Valuation of franchises.
  • Advice in related party transactions..

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