Cars and components

Do you know the actual value of your car?

Taxo is a leader appraiser for any kind of vehicles, holding extensive experience in valaution of cars and automotive assets. In addition, Taxo capacity of issuing official valuation reports, accepted by the main worldwide organisations and institutions makes us a potential ally both for particular customers and companies.

Means of transport in general, and cars in particular are subject to deterioration and obsolescence. This has consequences in the valuation due to the physical and functional depreciation.

Calculating the possible market value of a car or its components can be really useful in a great number of situations, in which a deep knowledge of the asset, of the markets and the valuation techniques are required.

What it is car valuation reports for?

Taxo valuation reports allow our customers to have important information support which can become into key tools in some situations:

  • Inventories or accounting reconciliation for the management of noncurrent assets.
  • Mortgage warranty for credits or loans.
  • Regularization of company assets.
  • Pledges.
  • Postponement of debt.
  • Leasing operations.
  • Auctions.
  • Accident reconstruction.

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