IES Member

Taxo has recently obtained the recognition as an International Ethics Standard (IES) member. This organisation has as its main goal the public confidence through the ethical consistency and transparency. The purpose of IES is to boost a global coalition between Real Estate related professionals who advocate the importance of ethics within the Real Estate field as a way to satisfy the present needs of the global market.

Through the acceptance of the IES founding principles, every member organisation gives a step forward in the way towards the technical, ethical, professional expertisation. The establishment of a global expert coalition creates a path to extensive consulting and combines current knowledge about different Real Estate markets and other related disciplines. The creation of a framework of ethical principles will allow Real Estate related professionals to better promote values that favor the emergence of a more prosperous market.

This certificate is one more between the many accreditations Taxo already has. This shows Taxo commitment to innovation, rigor and quality in every work since its foundation.