Franchise valuation

Specialists in the valuation of franchises

Valuation reports for franchises allow both the franchisor and the franchisee to get a rigorous, objective and reliable document to acredite the real value of the business. From a strategic point of view, the information supplied by the Taxo valuation reports will allow to perform a right decision making and face the future with clear competitive advantages.

The diverse staff from Taxo counts with experts in valuation for many kinds of goods and a wide experience in the valuation of tangible and intangible assets. That enables Taxo for the valuation of any kinds of goods, from equipment to licenses of activity, goodwills, cash generator machines, bands or patents. All that, depending on the especific needs of each customer, can be valued together with the franchise or separately.

In addition, Taxo valuation reports are valid for the main international organisations.

What is it for?

A valuation report is a document required for some common situations:

  • Advice to the franchisor: “how much is the franchise?” “¿How much is the franchisee?”
  • Advice to the franchisee:which are the most advantageous conditions for me?
  • Incorporation or exits of partners: how much are my shares?
  • Mortgage warranty or pledging of shares.

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