ISO certification

Taxo certificated by ISO

ISO, the international quality warranty

Since 2012, the contribution of Taxo to the modernisation of the Spanish judicial system throught the improvement of the management of judicial expert reports is acredited by the certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001-2008.

The acronym ISO (International Organisation for Standarization) makes clients and partners feel safe and confident, as the exhibition of this mark of quality verifies the fulfillment of one of the main principles of the registered companies: “customer satisfaction”.

Taxo, following its commitment to the quality in its activity, has a Quality Department to make sure each report fits the requirements of rigor and professionalism which characterise Taxo. In addition, Taxo homologation with Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guides our efforts in this matter.

Certification ISO 9001 reinforces the aim of Taxo for continuous improvement in the management of quality through the constant planification and development with the purpose of increasing satisfaction standards in Courts, delegations of justice and clients.

The benefits of obtaining ISO certification are several: it stablishes the basis to advance towards a model of excellence, improvement of productivity, increase of competitiveness of our services and encourage our company to improve efectiveness of the system of management. On the other hand, ISO certicication has a positive repercussion in the image of our company and the confidence its services generate among our clients. In addition, it offers the posibility to provide services to customers within the European Union, what requires certified providers.

With this certification, Taxo reaffirms its aim to make its clients feel more satisfied with our services characterised by profesionalism, security, commitment, confidence and contiuous improvement.

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