About Taxo

Leaders in non Real Estate valuation

Taxo is a company which belongs to Tinsa Group. Since 1998, Taxo has developped a wide background in valuation, appraisal and expertises for any kind of assets, both tangible and intangible.

With more than 40.000 reports a year, Taxo becomes a reference in valuations under the judicial field. In addition, Taxo experience includes the technical and economical valuation of companies and businesses, patents, brands, administrative concessions, risks and damages, art, any kind of means of transport, operating licenses and a wide list of rights and goods. Finally, Taxo holds a large experience in the valuation and inventoring of any kind of equipment and furniture.

Since its origins, Taxo has supported Research and Development in the search for new solutions, tools and the definition of new methodologies within the field of valuation and appraisal. Thanks to the optimum use of the know how and the collaboration with other companies and public institutions, such as UPV, Taxo has achieved the automatisation of some procedures and valuation systems and its online implementation, as well as the development of several applications (Art, Companies, Talex, etc.).

Taxo team

Taxo Valoración
Taxo has a team of more than 100 experts all over the world.