Operating licenses

How much is the value of your license?

The performance of some business activities requires the previous obtainment of an operating license, which entails some formal requirements, as well as an economic cost.

On the other hand, laws change periodically. For this reason, being aware of the changes in this matter is advisable in order to avoid incidentals.

The valuation of operating licenses is a needed task in order to show not only the real value of a business, but the whole implicit potential which entails the development of an activity.

Who is it for?

Operating licenses are required for a wide variaty of business activities:

  • Taxis.
  • Tobacconist shops.
  • Kiosks.
  • Lottery offices.
  • Hostelry.
  • Beauty centers.

What is it for?

The valuation of operating licenses is a requirement for diverse purposes:

  • Advise in transactions.
  • Trading.
  • Processes of heritage.

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