Household goods and furniture


Taxo performs valuation reports for all kind of movable assets and household goods, as well as furniture for offices and individuals. Our reports improve transparency in commercial activities, as well as being a required document for some legal procedures.

What is it?

Frequently, it is required to perform a valuation of batchs of furniture or movable assets with a high unit value and singularity. This task demands the use of advanced, rigorous valuation techniques by experts.

In addition, in some situations, goods and assets are wrongly classified or their characteristics are not correctly registered. These facts, amongst others, can alter the value reflected in a common taxation, affecting negatively to all the parties involved and hindering the right decision making.

What is it for?

The valuation, appraisal and inventorying of furniture and movable assets have a major importance at the time of facing some relevant situations:

  • Calculation of value for household goods and furnishing.
  • Inventories or accounting reconciliations for the management of non-current assets.
  • Mortgage warranty for credits and loans.
  • Regularization of property.
  • Pledges.
  • Tax return.
  • Tax settlement.
  • Apportionment of property.

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