Boat valuation

boat valuation

Leaders in boat valuations

Boat valuation requires experienced professionals with a deep knowledge on the market and the valuation techniques. Taxo naval department holds the required qualification for the worldwide valuation of any kind of ship: yachts, vessels, tug-boats, container ships, oceanographics, etc.

A comprehensive valuation to calculate the real value

In addition to the value of the ship itself, sometimes it is also required to value its rights associated. From this point of view, the ship is considered a business, so it must be valued with specified criteria and methodologies of business valuation. In addition, laws must be taken into account (i.e. the European Fishing Fund).

What is it boat valuation for?

Boat valuation reports are usefull for a great number of purposes:

  • Warranty for a loan concession.
  • Advice in trading.
  • Inventorying and valuation of non current company assets.
  • Payment deferments.
  • Procedures at the Court or related to public finances.

Security and warranties of Taxo boat valuation reports

All our valuation works are backed by the liability insurance subscribed by Taxo for all our activities, which guarantees our clients a complete security. In addition, Taxo is acredited in the main international valuation organisations, so that all our reports have plenty validity for all parties.

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