Valuation of pharmacies

Leader in valuation of pharmacies

Valuation of pharmacies has gain great importance during the last years due to the variations happened within the sector. This has motivated the merge of a need to consider these offices from a company perspective, from which the business value depends mainly on the capacity, the commercial actions and capacity of management of the apothecary.

In addition, when pharmacies need to obtain funds to get the required license, financial entities demand an external valuation report.

What is it for?

Thanks to the wide knowledge on the sector that Taxo holds, we are currently a reference in the performing of valuation reports for pharmacies than can be used for a broad range of purposes:

  • Advice in trading.
  • Related party transacións.
  • Heritages encias o separación de bienes gananciales.
  • Endorsement for grant funding.
  • Processes of bank refinancing.
  • Processes of determination of assets left..
  • Advice on the transfer of the pharmacy.
  • Processes at the Court or before the Tax Agency.
  • Dissolution of companies de sociedades o comunidades de bienes.
  • Valuation of new pharmacies.
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